Posted on 10/04/2014
React to file system changes by executing a command
Posted on 04/19/2014
New release of Tern rewritten in Go
Posted on 02/22/2013
Surus now can use PostgreSQL's JSON functions to build JSON much faster than Rails to_json
Posted on 08/25/2012
Use your favorite GUI text editor on remote servers over SSH.
Posted on 02/16/2012
Accelerate ActiveRecord with PostgreSQL specific support
Posted on 02/07/2011
New gem to simplify complex database schema migrations
Posted on 11/29/2010
New gem to simplify time of day handling
Posted on 11/14/2009
A simple gem plugin for testing database constraints.
Posted on 08/08/2009
A math puzzle from The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell is solved with Ruby.
Posted on 07/11/2009
Random internet connection loss was solved by installing DD-WRT.
Posted on 06/22/2009
The path to the Firefox binary changes on upgrade. This can break Selenium.
Posted on 06/20/2009
Ruby is more at home on *nix than on Windows. This tutorial covers setting up a Windows machine as a VM host, installing an Ubuntu VM, building Ruby 1.9, and setting up file sharing between Windows and the VM.